You DOn't Want A

Basic Cookie Cutter Vacation 

It's finally time to escape your desk and put your out of office message up. 

You start planning a trip to your dream destination. 

You want to experience culture, stay somewhere kickass, party and eat like a local, discover spots off the beaten path and make everyone back home jealous with your jaw-dropping pictures.

As you start planning, you say to yourself...

"Damn, this is overwhelming, where do I even start?" 

Hi, I’m Cat and I got you.

 Let me work with you to design a completely custom and extremely personalized travel experience that you’ll never forget.

Don't want to waste time googling what to do once you arrive on your trip? 

I create non-generic completely customized & detailed trip itineraries that best fit

your travel style.

Why spend hours doing all the extensive research & planning when I can do it for you? 

Of course we all want to look & feel our best on vacation.

Don't have time to go shopping before your trip or need some advice on deciding what to bring? Allow me to curate your vacation wardrobe! This way you will not overpack & will have room for souvenirs on the way home. 

What's your travel style?

Are you a budget backpacker?

An adrenaline seeking adventurer? 

A relaxer? A foodie? A shopaholic? A culture and history buff? A fitness fan or the all out partier? I'll design a trip for you that's completely tailored to your interests.

Not sure where to go and need a little inspiration? I can help you out with that too by providing destination recommendations & comparisons. 


Travel Planning



Are you all about documenting the moments & getting that great shot?

I'll put together a photo guide that includes all the spots to get amazing photos. This way you'll be able to reminisce on your incredible trip when you're sitting at your work desk a few months later. 


Photo Guides


Why you should let me plan your next adventure... 

Paris 1.jpg

I'm Not A Travel Agent

I am a custom travel planner not a travel agent. I don't make commission on any of the places or activities that I suggest. I give you genuine recommendations based on what I think you'll enjoy the most. I do all the hard research and provide you with the info you need in order to book your trip on your own, completely hassle free. 

I Create 100% Custom Travel Experiences 

No two itineraries of mine are the same. Every trip is completely personalized to your travel style and needs. All my services can be mixed and matched so that you get the most out of your experience. 

I'll Save You A Ton Of Time 

Researching what to do on a trip is the hardest part about going on vacation. It can take hours upon hours to compare flights, hotels and activities. Let me take care of that for you. I'll even shop and pack for you if you need help with that too.

I Know How To Travel On A Budget 

Don't have a lot of money to spend but need some help planning? Trust me, I got you. I started traveling in college when I could afford nothing but 2 euro boxed wine and a hostel bed for 20 euros a night. One of the biggest misconceptions with travel is that you need a lot of money saved to do it. It's my mission to help others realize that's not true!!! I know all the tips and tricks on how to save you some hard earned cash. 

I'll Get To Know You Personally 

It's really important for me to understand what's most important to you when traveling and what you want to get out of your vacation. The better I get to know you the easier it is for me to design a trip completely tailored to your travel style. 

Let's Travel 

Let's Travel 

Where To Next?

  • Send me an email at

  • Tell me about the trip you're planning, the more details the better!

  • I will get back to you within 24hrs.

  • I'll work with you to schedule a free phone call or video chat. 

  • We'll chat about all your wildest travel dreams.

  • I'll make sure you get the most bang for your buck.

  • Then I'll start planning your custom vacation that you'll never forget. 


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